You Can Make A Difference

  • $25 – hygiene gift; one full year’s supplies for trafficking survivor: toothbrush and paste, comb and brush, bath towel, sanitary pads, bath soap.
  • $50 – food for a trafficking survivor for eight weeks.
  • $100 – clothing for a trafficking survivor for one year: underwear, nightgown, sweater or jacket, sweatpants and sweatshirt, 2 kurta surwal, t-shirts.
  • $200 – cost to rescue a girl from a brothel in India, includes legal fees, transportation, repatriation fee, medical exam.
  • $250 – life skills training and 6 mos. rehabilitation to facilitate reintegration into society, for trafficked girls without chronic health problems.
  • $500 – medical care for one year (includes medications) for immuno-compromised girls with HIV/AIDS and/or multi-drug resistant tuberculosis.
  • $1,000 – complete 12 month long course of vocational education in horticulture, beautician school, bakery, carpentry, or tailoring. Allows a girl/young woman to become economically self sufficient and live independently.

Other Ways To Give

Start a campaign

Run, walk, ride, or dance…
Use Razoo, our easy online fundraising tool to garner support through social media. We have technical running shirts for those important races – contact us.

Dedicate your special day

Weddings, birthdays, graduations…
If you want people to be able to use credit cards and give online on your own special page, we can help you set that up. Just contact us. A gift to Anuradha’s girls at Maiti Nepal makes everyone feel warm.

Plan an event

A dinner party, a movie night, a trivia contest, a spelling bee…
Contact us and we’ll help you get started with your fundraising event. We can supply a film, brochures, postcards, and more.

Magnify your impact

Your place of work may be able to help you double your gift. Check it here.