Stopping sex trafficking in its tracks: direct intervention at the border.

In the border areas, Maiti Nepal operates Twelve Intervention Outposts to prevent girls from being trafficked. Here, Maiti Nepal volunteers, who have beenrescued from the Indian brothels themselves, watch for the pimps crossing the border with inoocent girls who are ignorant of their fate. Since the volunteers know about the devious methods that the traffickers use, they can identify traffickers and prevent other girls’ lives from being destroyed.

The Intervention Outposts serve as “safe houses” providing shelter for short stays, ensuring safe passage home when this is appropriate, and working with the police to apprehend traffickers. Mahendragar, at right is a typical Intervention Outpost. Friends of Maiti Nepal is concentrating on raising funds to support the courageous girls who are saving their sisters at the Intervention Outposts of Maiti Nepal.